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Barcelona Attractions: Barcelona Icebar ( Icebarbarcelona ) - A Summer Ice Adventure

Icebarbarcelona is one of the most interesting, ingenious and fun experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Barcelona.

Although Barcelona is known to have a splendid tropical-like weather and this is one of the reasons why people prefer it as a holiday location, we strongly recommend that you to have an hour in the chilling atmosphere of the Icebarbarcelona. How cool ( literally ) is it to wear a coat and gloves in Barcelona :)

Icebarbarcelona is established in 2007 and is climbing up in the chart of most visited places in the city due to its originality. The interior is renewed often and the lights, music and ice sculptures make it a really unique place to visit.

Especially if you are traveling in a group, it is highly recommended that you book your visit in advance on the official website of the Icebarbarcelona, as the number of visitors is significant and you might not be able to enter without a booking.

The entrance fee is 15 EUR ( 7.50 EUR for children under 7 years old, who are allowed to stay up to 23.00 pm ) and the bar closes at 3.00 am. The price includes one drink, as well as warm clothing, provided at the entrance.

Detailed information and how-to-get-there instructions can be found at the Icebarbarcelona website:


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Barcelona Night Life: Bar Marsella

One of the essential things every visitor has to make during the holiday in Barcelona is to find the places with traditions, style and character, which give the city the unique feeling it has had through its history.

A great place to find all of the above is the famous Bar Marsella, located in the Raval district, very close the the Ramblas.

The Marsella is open since 1820 and the almost 200 years of history have allowed it to welcome some of the famous night life admirerers of all time such as Salvator Dali, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. The bar is known as the place where you should most definately have a shot or two or three of absinthe as this tradition is kept for a long time and is still going strong, making the bar one of the favourite night time places both for locals and for tourists. Just ask about the traditional way to drink the absinthe and be sure not the get too much of it too fast, so you can clearly remember a historically fun night.

You can find the Marsella Bar at:
Carrer de Sant Pau 65
El Raval district
Tel: (0034) 93 442 72 63
Opening hours: 10.00 pm-ish to around 03.00 am 

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Barcelona Attractions: Barcelona Aquarium ( L’Aquàrium de Barcelona )

There are so many interesting and unique sites in Barcelona and so litle time to see them just in several days..

However, there are some attractions, which a person should not miss and one of them is unarguably is the Barcelona Aquarium.

The spectacular building of L’Aquàrium de Barcelona gives you the opportunity to meet countless sea and ocean species and to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating species nature has created.

The visitors of the Aquarium walk through a 80 m long underwater tunnel, surrounded by hundreds of species, which makes your sea adventure very interactive and unique. The tanks in the Auqarium are situated by different criterias, presenting to the attention of the amazed visitor the natural habitat of different sea areas and the creatures, which occupy them.

The Barcelona Aquarium is specialized in presenting many educational programs both for children and for teachers, in order to develop the knowledge and respct for the sea life.

Information about the different attractions and educational programs in the Barcelona Auqarium, as well as ticket booking is available on the official web-site of L’Aquàrium de Barcelona:


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Barcelona Sightseeing: Telefèric de Montjuïc

The Montjuïc Cable Car may be a way to travel from the Barcelona Port to Montjuïc and back, it is much more than a regular transport. It is one of the best attractions in Barcelona, as you will truelly enjoy the magnificent view over Barcelona, which you will witness.

A ride on the Montjuïc Cable Car to the hill is a wonderfulway to start a day and to view all museums, gardens and attractions of the Montjuïc, as it can also be a wonderful finish your Montjuïc and to get back near the sea for a nice meal under the stars.

The view over Barcelona and towards the sea is magnificent, unique and unforgettable.

Be sure to schedule the Telefèric de Montjuïc as a priority in your holiday in Barcelona and do not leave the ride with the Montjuïc Cable Car for the last day, as sometimes rides are cancelled due to strong wind.

More information about the ride and ticket prices can be found here:



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Barcelona Holiday Tips: Barcelona Card

Barcelona Card is a fantastic way for every visitor of the city to enjoy a great holiday.

There are 2, 3, 4 and 5-day Barcelona Cards available, and the benefits of using it are numerous: free use of the city transport system, free entrance in a number of museums and attractions and great discounts to other. Along with the actual card you also receive a guide in six languages for using the Barcelona Card and a card of Barcelona with a metro plan and information about the discounts and the free offers.

Having the Barcelona Card allows you to browse the city for free and explore all the wonderful sites it has to offer. Barcelona has wonderful museums and attractions and no matter how long you have chosen to stay, the Barcelona Card can be a real bargin with all the benefits it includes and discounts it gives you.

With the Barcelona Card you receive a free entry to some great Barcelona attractions and museums such as the Museum of Music, Museum of Chocolate, Cosmo Caixa Museum, Mirador de Colom ( The Columbus Monument ), Golondrinas ( boats for see-view around the harbor area) and many others.

Besides museums and various attractions, you can also receive discounts in many restaurants and night clubs.

The prices of the avalable Barcelona Card types are as follows:

Barcelona Card 2 days - adult: 29.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 2 days - child: 25.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 3 days - adult: 35.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 3 days - child: 30.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 4 days - adult: 40.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 4 days - child: 32.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 5 days - adult: 47.00 EUR
Barcelona Card 5 days - child: 37.00 EUR

You can find the full list of available discounts, detailed information about the Barcelona Card and on-line purchase discounts on the price of the Barcelona Card here:

Barcelonaturisme - Barcelona Card 

Barcelona Sightseeing: Barcelona Bus Turistic

There is a very easy and fun way to view some of the main Barcelona historical and cultural sites - Barcelona Bus Turistic. The three available routs include 44 stops, all available with just one ticket.

The tours start every 5 minutes in the high season and they offer information about the attractions on the way in 10 different languages. The starting time of the tours is 9 am and they travel to 7 pm in the winter and 8 pm in the summer.

A great option that the Barcelona Bus Turistic gives is that everyone can get on and off at each of the stops on the routes. This means that you can view in detail every site on the way, which you find interesting, and then you can continue with the tour and head to the other attractions.

The Barcelona Bus Turistic has been assisting travellers at getting the best of Barcelona in the past 25 years and it has evelved along with the city. Besides the presentation of the most common attractions in the city, the ticket for the Baecelona Bus Turistic gives you an incredible opportunity to have discounted prices for the entrance or services at numerous of the citys' most interesting sites.

Detailed information about the routes, visited sites and available disocunts can be found on the Barcelona Bus Turistic official web-site:


Barcelona Airport Transport: RENFE Train

The community train line is another option to travel from and to the Barcelona Airpot. It is fast, numerous stops are available on the RENFE line and it is cheaper than the Airbus Shuttle.
There is a very detailed information about the stops on the route and the schedule of the trains at the RENFE official web-site:
RENFE Barcelona

If there is no direct stop on the location you need to go to, you can easily transfer on some of the Metro lines and get there easy and fast.

Price: 3.60 EUR

Can be used for free with the Barcelona Card